YouTube banned keywords

One of my side projects over the past couple of years has been making YouTube videos.

There has been a bit of a fuss lately about YouTube disallowing advertising on controversial videos.  Many YouTubers have made videos about this issue, many complaining that YouTube is censoring them. They should probably consult a dictionary before making this bold claim.

I have had two experiences with this lately and thought I would write a little bit.

The first video with advertising disallowed was about a tunnel in my hometown named in memory of a city in France, and New Zealand soldiers' connection to that town during World War II. The video was mostly about my personal experience of cycling through that town but one of the keywords that I used was "war". Advertising was disallowed. I sent a quick support request to YouTube and the situation was resolved in a few days.

YouTube advertising isn't that important to me. So far, I've made $1.67 from it. But getting advertising enabled was sort of about the principle.

Just recently I uploaded another video about a funeral of my great uncle that I went to a couple of years ago. One of the keywords was "funeral" and advertising was disabled.

It has since been enabled again with no action on my part.

I'm guessing that maybe YouTube has an automatic process that flags videos based on keywords and other information. Then there may be a manual process to release those videos from quarantine.

Like I said, YouTube isn't a significant source of income for me. I'm also not one to fly off the handle and throw around accusations about censorship without solid evidence.

Anyone got any more information about YouTube advertising policies that they want to share?