Tinder as travel companion

Amusing article from a couple of months ago (sometimes news travels slowly on the internet), from Travel and Leisure about using Tinder to hook up with temporary tour guides when travelling.

My goal wasn’t to get laid (though if the opportunity arose...) — I was more curious to see what Tinder could offer a single traveling woman besides just convenient sex. If I was lucky, maybe I’d have a good conversation with someone I would never otherwise have met, a meal at a restaurant I would have overlooked, in a neighborhood I might have neglected to visit, or a buddy to show me some wild underground party that I never would have been cool enough to discover — basically facilitating the other chief travel fantasy, experiencing a city as if it were your own.

It's always interesting to me when someone is using a service for a purpose slightly different from what it was designed for. An article like this also helps to remind me how old I am and how I'm not part of the Tinder (or Snapchat) generation.