The Future is Apps

For years everything ran on the web. Companies and commerce would set up a stall on the internet to inform customers and sell their wares.

Slowly the web is giving way to mobile phone apps. 

The mobile phone is widely used across the globe, with most phones using one of two major operating systems. Mobile phones apps are arguably easier to develop for and more reliable than developing for the web.

As a result, a growing number of interactions are happening with mobile phone apps. This isn’t new but has been growing for a number of years.

In my daily life, the first thing I will do in the morning is pull out my iPad and open the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube apps. Each of these apps provides a more responsive and interactive experience than the naked web. 

I still use the web for many news sites although often Twitter or an RSS app will be used in place of the news sites.

My most recent experience of the move to mobile apps was using YouTube’s Creator Studio app. Getting YouTube analytics isn’t easy on the iPhone because typing “” in  Safari causes the YouTube app to open. A minor failure. Now with using the Creator Studio app, I have easy access to YouTube analytics with a much better user experience than using a mobile web page.

Apps are the future and on mobile devices with small screens HTML and the web won’t be missed.