Imagine if your parents were Russian spies. Unbelievable but true story.

Shaun Walker at The Guardian writes the amazing story about a married couple of Russian spies living in Boston who raised their children believing that they we Canadians.

But the FBI had not made a mistake, and the truth was so outlandish, it defied comprehension. Not only were their parents indeed Russian spies, they were Russians. The man and woman the boys knew as Mom and Dad really were their parents, but their names were not Donald Heathfield and Tracey Foley. Those were Canadians who had died long ago, as children; their identities had been stolen and adopted by the boys’ parents.

This is the story of spy fiction, not of the present post-Soviet era.

I'm not entirely sure whether I believe that the children were unaware of what their parents did. But it's possible. Incredible story regardless.