Will Apple have fixed my problems in OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2? Probably not.

Apple has released what appear to be their usual bumper update, by releasing Mac OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2 and WatchOS 2.1 today. 

I've had a few annoying problems with Apple's software recently so I thought that I would list the issues here in the hope that some of them might have been resolved. But I'm guessing it is just wishful thinking that these might have been resolved (and Betteridge's law obviously applies too).

The current problems I'm experiencing are:

  • Airdrop: if there was ever a case of software over-promising and under-delivering, it is AirDrop. If I'm trying to send a file, URL or something else across the room AirDrop should be the solution. Instead, the list of devices is usually blank and AirDrop is rendered useless.
  • iCloud backup: Most of these problems started for me during the iOS 9 beta period but some might pre-date that. I've got so many problems here that I don't know where to start. Maybe a sub-list of the problems:
    • All of my devices should be backed-up by iCloud, no matter how much space it requires. By default, Apple give 5GB of space for free. Apple should provide enough space for all of my devices. I have paid hundreds of dollars each for the devices but Apple are going to nickel and dime me a over a few GBs of backup space.
    • The size of iCloud backups is not calculated correctly. When I look at the iCloud settings on a device (iPhone or iPad), I will be told that the next backup size is "0 bytes". This is clearly not true.
    • The size of my iCloud backups has grown over time and is now much bigger than the sum of the parts.The backup for my iPad is 6GB and the iPhone is 4GB. I've got no idea how that size has been determined because the breakdown of the backup that is shown on the device only seems to add to about 1GB for each device.
    • In frustration, I deleted the iCloud backups for all my devices and hoped to recreate them at a later date. iCloud now tells me that I am still using 1GB of iCloud for backups, even though I have no backups remaining.
  • Apple Mail on OS X: not a major problem but Apple Mail tells me I have 2000 unread emails. I only have 1200. The iCloud account sometimes thinks that I have 810 unread emails when in fact I have none because I don't really use the icloud.com account for email.

The release notes for the updates mention almost none of these problems. AirDrop was addressed but it has been addressed in the past and usually solves nothing.

Just in case you are wondering, I haven't raised any of these issues as bugs with Apple. Maybe I should, especially considering how much of a problem iCloud backup has been for me. 

I'm not really hopeful of any sort of improvement but maybe one day I'll get a pleasant surprise and be able to shorten this list.

Update: I deleted the iCloud backups and tried to create the backup for my iPad again. This took 4 days to complete and instead of being 1.0 GB as estimated, it was 10.9 GB. That's a pretty big failure. I'll try the iPhone backup soon and hope for better results.