WatchKit seems a bit too ugly

I have a few hats that I wear (although none of them currently pay the bills). One of those hats is developing iPhone apps. As part of that I have been looking at the WatchKit API today. I've left it a little too long since the final iPhone announcement is happening in seven hours and I'm not even close to having a working Apple Watch app yet.

My problem with the WatchKit API is that it only seems possible to create ugly apps. I've only just started looking at it and I'm not much of a designer but I'm trying to create something beautiful and all that's coming out is ugly.

Using the default settings to build an iOS 7 or iOS 8 app in Xcode creates a beautiful thing without a lot of work. Using the defaults settings to create a WatchKit app does not create something with any beauty at all. The font isn't great. It feels a bit too much like I'm designing something where the only option is the Chicago typeface from the original Mac OS.

I expect that seeing that apps in real life on an actual device, they are going to look better than on the simulator. Also, I'm sure there are going to be some great Apple Watch apps released in the next few weeks but right now I'm expecting ugly apps. A lot of ugly apps.