Uber might be ruthless, but so is the taxi industry

Good overview from Buzzfeed of the fight by Uber for permission to operate in Las Vegas. 

Uber might have an underhanded way of getting into markets, but the taxi industry is standing up for itself, not the public, in their push for regulation.

But tonight, for the first time, there were Uber cars among the limos and cabs. One picked up a fare at Caesars Palace and embarked on what would have been one of the first Uber rides in Vegas. But before it could leave the hotel roundabout, the Uber was cut off by two unmarked cars, sirens blaring. Two men burst out, ordered everyone out of the Uber, and told the driver to put his hands on the car’s hood. They were masked and wearing bulletproof vests.

It also surprises me how much pointless regulation there seems to be in the United States. I don't even understand what a "business licence" is, or why it might be necessary, other than for helping incumbents. 

As an aside, it surprises me every time I read a great article like this from Buzzfeed. I don't think their focus on click-bait has done them any favours.