Troy Hunt on Ashley Madison

I guess the Ashley Madison data breach has everything that makes a good story: hacking, infidelity and fear.

I've not been too interested in the story because too many of the articles that I'm seeing are treating the leak as a witch hunt.  But, the way I see it, merely being on the site isn't confirmation that any bad behaviour was taking place.

This being an infidelity website doesn't make the data any more interesting than if it were medical, criminal or financial records being leaked. Any of those would be highly damaging too, even for the puritanical commenters enjoying this current leak with macabre glee. 

 Troy Hunt, a developer and security expert, has a good article on some of the questions he has been receiving about the hack.

Troy runs a site called Have I been Pwned, which seems to be a good source for discovering if any of your email addresses and other information have been part of any data leaks. Looks like one of my email addresses was part of the Adobe leak but everything else was clean.

These sorts of data breaches are going to be more common in the future. In my experience, security is often an after-thought for many developers and this has shown the dire consequences of that.