"This never would've happened if Steve Jobs were still alive"

[I’m getting annoyed that the Squarespace editor keeps crashing in Safari. I was within seconds of posting an article about the open-sourcing of Swift by Apple when I lost the whole thing. Really annoying but not much I can do about it except complain.


When Apple announced the intention to open-source Swift at WWDC in June 2015, it was the single announcement that got the biggest cheer from the developers in the room. There was a bigger cheer than the announcement of El Capitan. Bigger than iOS 9. Bigger even than Apple Music.

At the time I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about but having seen what Apple has released at Swift.org and on GitHub, I’m quite impressed.

The Swift team have created a public roadmap of where they intend to go with Swift 3 and the whole commit history is available. Considering how secretive Apple was during the Steve Jobs era this is a big change. A huge change.

Amazing stuff.