The streets of San Francisco and, of course, Bullitt

On the flight to San Francisco, one of the movie options on the plane was the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt. I saw it years ago but it was good to see it again as preparation for arriving. 

The climax of the movie is a car chase through some of the steep streets of San Francisco. A few years ago, someone created a Google Map showing how disjointed the actual car chase was. It holds together on screen but not in real life. There is also a video by Herve Attia showing a remake of some of the well-known scenes. It seems that he has made quite a few videos showing filming locations of old movies. It's worth a look.

Also, after going out walking this evening (because of sleep-deprivation), I was walking down Divisadero towards the Marina with my leather-soled shoes slipping on the steep pavement. I wondered where some of the steepest streets in San Francisco are. Fortunately in these days of the internet, someone has already done that research for me. I'm looking forward to finding some of these steep streets but maybe with more suitable rubber-soled shoes.