Subscriber share for streaming music?

There is an article trending on Medium currently that is complaining about the way artists are paid by streaming music services. 

It is an interesting problem, but at the end of the day, it's a problem that I personally don't care about it. Maybe this is because I never considered that the money I might pay for a streaming service would go directly to the artists. I had never assumed that if I paid $10 to Spotify and listened to only one song in a month that the $10 (less some profit margin) would go directly to the artist who created that song.

It's unfortunate that the system can be gamed by some artists but does it really matter? The article cites a number of examples where artists are using the existing system to their advantage but there is no real indication of how widespread this issue really is. 

The article is worth a read but I'm not convinced that this change is the slam dunk that the author portrays it as. 

Also, this article made me think about the time when I spent $10 buying YouTube advertisements. I had made a handful of YouTube videos and wanted to try and attract some users. I promoted a video I made that was a review of the Hyperlapse app from Instagram. I got a few hundred views from it but most of them were low quality views and I decided that YouTube advertising just wasn't worth it for me. Most of the views were from the Philippines and only generated about a 10 second view. I expect that they were just watching enough of the video to generate revenue for themselves from the view.