Stay classy Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is a loved or loathed institution in the UK. I would read it on occasion in cafes and it would usually make me angry. Stories in it were aimed to attack immigrants, paedophiles, criminals, the unemployed, poor people, bureaucrats, modern technology, and anyone else who isn't part of middle Britain from the 1950s. There is even a great song about their antics

Over the past few years, the Daily Mail has attempted to become a global internet destination and has been reasonably successful at it. A recent article on Gawker described the experience of one reporter who spent a year working there.

After the George Clooney incident in 2014, and many accusations of plagiarism and copyright infringement, there is nothing in the Gawker article that should be surprising. I could probably have almost written the article myself. The article is worth a read although the author is no Richard Peppiatt.