Self-driving cars? Who cares! what about a self-driving truck

Over the past couple of years, we've heard a lot of stories about self-driving cars, with visible projects from Google and Tesla, along with Uber talking about it too. Less obvious to me have been stories about other types of self-driving vehicles.

I found this story from The Verge about self-driving trucks from Daimler to be fascinating. Truck drivers are frequently driving long distances and they would certainly benefit more from self-driving vehicles than I would.

Many of our goods are transported across the country on the back of a truck on either dangerous or boring roads. Self-driving vehicles would hopefully provide benefits in both of those situations.

The article is worth a read. It sounds like the technology needs a little bit of work as it will only direct a vehicle when there are visible road markings on both sides of the lane and requires the driver to take over at other times.