Never let a good crisis go to waste

The Verge have published an article about possible law changes in France in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris. There is the possibility of shutting down public wi-fi networks and shutting down TOR. 

This is based on an article from Le Monde but I can't read French well enough to understand it so I'm posting The Verge link.

These changes concern me greatly. The ban on wi-fi is a dramatic over-reaction to this tragedy.

130 people were killed and many more wounded in Paris in November 2015. Any sort of ban on wi-fi seems trivial in relation to that and especially to the families of the victims. However, as someone who has travelled widely and relied on public wi-fi this measure would inconvenience millions of people for probably very little increase in safety, and almost certainly an increase in surveillance. 

As is always the case after a terrorist attack, there are calls to do Something. Something must be done! Usually the people calling the loudest for something to be done are the security services. Their job would be so much easier if only they could listen in on every phone conversation and read every email.

France have already listened to their military who have said that Something must be bombed and Someone must pay for this. 

Just like the United States started two wars and rolled back civil liberties after the September 11 attacks, it looks like France might be going down the same path. 

These could just be proposals that end up going nowhere. But hopefully they find their rightful place in the bin sooner rather than later.