More ominous signs about YouTube's music service

There was a bit of an uproar a few months ago when the terms of the YouTube music service were announced. I dismissed it at the time, thinking that this was a combination of users misunderstanding the changes and the agreement being a work-in-progress. 

Now, another blog post pops up earlier this week, from Zoë Keating. There are quite a few details about what the changes will mean for her.

I can’t think of another streaming service that makes such demands. And if I don’t sign? My Youtube channel will be blocked and I will no longer be able to monetize (how I hate that word) 3rd party videos through Content ID.

It seems that part of the problem for Keating is that she hasn't bought into YouTube completely, with various of her tracks scattered across various different services. But she shouldn't have to.

This post from Zoë is only one person's opinion but it feels like YouTube is abusing their position of power in this market. 

Don't be evil.