Is it worth developing for the App Store?

I was going to write an article about how there is no money in selling apps on the app store. The inspiration for this was a blog post about Redacted for Mac, where the author described his sales figures for the first day. 

The sales figures were much lower than I might have expected for an app to be ranked number 8 in the US app store. I went out for a run and thought about how it makes sense that companies like King would release apps like Candy Crush as free-to-play with in-app purchase. 

I thought about the authors of Overcast and Manual releasing their sales figures which were thousands of dollars per day in the first month, before falling off to hundred of dollars per day. 

How was it possible that someone ranked that highly in the app store would only make $300 on the first day? It didn't make any sense.

Then when I got home and started to write the article, I saw that Redacted was actually a Mac app and not an iOS app. Ah. That changes everything. 

This brought back thoughts about developers moving away from the Mac App Store because of sandbox restrictions. I thought about myself: when I'm looking for apps, very few of them are actually on the Mac App Store now. 

I also thought about the number of Mac apps that I actually buy. After setting up my Mac, I now have most of the apps that I want. I'm current trying to find $300 to buy Final Cut Pro but don't expect I'll be buying any other Mac apps for a while. I'm buying way more apps on the iPhone than on the Mac.

So, in summary, it probably is worth developing for iOS or Android if you're one of the most popular downloads. The business case for the Mac App Store is much less clear.