Is it a bubble? "You can answer that question for yourself"

Interesting article from Carole Cadwalladr, writing at the Guardian, about TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 and the San Francisco startup scene.

It's a good read and rather cynical about the whole scene and expectations for the future.

Out on the exhibition floor, I meet Marcus Hawkins, another Brit. He’s from Norfolk and has successfully run his own software company for a decade or so but he recently set up a new company, Patrolo, a business-to-business enterprise offering a website mistake-correction service. What are you disrupting, I ask him. He thinks for a moment. “King’s Lynn.”

We swap other bits of jargon we’ve picked up. Have you pivoted, I say, a piece of startup-ese I’d learned five minutes earlier. It means to change your business strategy rapidly. “I’ve pivoted so many times I’m practically facing backwards,” he says. “But it’s OK. I have a lot of runway left.” Which is the amount of time a startup has before the money runs out, he explains.

The article is probably a little too cynical, but it does carefully tread the line between poking fun and being informative.