How long before movie charts are redundant?

Here is an article from a few weeks ago about Zoe Sugg that I recently found in a browser tab (got to close them eventually).

This is a YouTube publisher with 7 million subscribers and 350 million views making personal videos, often about beauty and makeup. Most of her recent videos, of which there is about 1 per week, has had about 2 million view. This is an incredible amount of engagement in the video medium, where it wasn't possible to create and distribute home-mande content at this scale until very recently. 

It's also interesting that YouTube is a platform where the viewer stats are available to anyone, unlike website and podcast stats. This makes the success more legitimate since these are actual viewers.

It makes me wonder, at what point is it going to become normal for an indie movie or TV series to be distributed online or on YouTube. "The Interview" was distributed online because of the circumstances of the Sony hack, but this is exceptional behaviour from a major studio.

I expect that within a couple of years, it will be normal for smaller studios to launch movies on YouTube,  iTunes or Netflix before even considering a cinema release.