Crowd-sourced time-lapses

Sometimes I'm amazed by what crowd-sourcing can achieve. There is a story out in Wired this week about creating time-lapse movies based on crowd-sourced photos. This is quite amazing to see.

The people behind the project have created a YouTube video describing the project and showing some examples. It's unbelievable. I do find some of the video clips to be a little bit creepy because they are merging together so many source photos and there is no sign of any human activity. There are no people on the sidewalk and no cars on the roads. It's like an eerie post-apocalyptic scene that is slowly changing.

Once everything that we are creating, such as photos, movies and music, move online, there are endless possibilities of how they can be remixed

If you are interested, it is worth looking at the researchers' site for a look at the original research paper.