Creepy phone tracking by ex-partners

This article from The Guardian outlines instances where victims of domestic abuse may be tracked by mobile phones. 

“Before the children came on the line, he told me exactly where I was – which city, in which country, and which restaurant I was sitting in,” she says. “I was absolutely beside myself. I was just so overwhelmed with fear, wondering how the hell he could pinpoint me like this. I asked how he knew and he said: ‘I can find you on your iPhone.’”

Often articles like this draw a lot of scary conclusions which aren't totally backed up by the facts. However, In the case described here, this sort of tracking will affect both Apple and Android phones without much difficulty. It may be fairly easy to turn off but that relies on knowing that the tracking is occurring and being tech-savvy enough to know how to do it.

The solution to this could be as drastic as completely turning off Location Services on a device so that the tracking doesn't occur. But what happens if the tracking is occurring on the network such as reading emails?

Electronic devices open up all manner of avenues for tracking, not limited to e-mail and location. There also needs to be constant vigilance, in case the password is discovered and tracking recurs. The fear of abuse is never-ending.