Creating GIFs from YouTube videos

The other day, whilst watching a YouTube video, I was given the option to create a GIF from the video. This can be found  by clicking on the "Share" button below a video in a web browser. It is seems to only be available for certain users so far so isn't available for many videos.

I had never seen this before but an internet search showed that this feature has been around since late 2014. 

According to the article that I found, it was possible to create GIFs only from PBS videos but it seems this feature is a little more widely available now. I created the GIF below from one of Casey Neistat's daily vlogs

The feature allows you to augment the GIF with meme-tastic text just to make it more amazingly (or annoyingly) GIFfy. It's funn, if you like that kind of thing.

I expect it will slowly be rolled out to more users so keep an eye out for it.