World Cup on Twitter. Building the "brand" through "user engagement"

With the announcement of unexpectedly good financial results for Twitter today, it got me thinking about Twitter and its impact on major sporting events. 

If you watch any major television event at the moment, there will be Twitter #hashtags (#yuck) all over it. This appeared to be especially true for the World Cup in June/July 2014, with hashtags for every game and a few blog posts on the subject to try and get "user engagement".

I was unsure whether this Twitter promotion was because of a deal with FIFA, driven by television or driven by users. Considering how protective FIFA is of their brand, I assume there must be some sort of commercial agreement.

When watching sport, I'm often looking at Twitter to see what else is going on. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing: I'm less engaged in the broadcast but possibly more informed about what is going on.

How do these tie-ins help the company? More Twitter users and more time spent on Twitter is good for the company, obviously. But will it make them more money? I'm doubtful.