Where is tech journalism going? Yay, click-bait!

I read a post on Medium from Dave Lee. It was pretty interesting in itself but it got me thinking about The Verge and where it is going.

After The Verge launched, it became one of my preferred gadget sites, supplanting Engadget. It had good articles on relevant subjects along with pretty good comment threads. 

However, I've noticed in the past 12 months or so that I hardly ever go there. I'm not even sure what happened.

Having a look at their main page today, it looks like it had got more nerdy while becoming less relevant and a little click-baity. It seems to have gone from technology and science journalism to cosplay and gaming. 

I accept that other people care about these things more than I do but do I really want to read about a conference that had money problems and lost a major drawcard, or about Jason Segel leaving Twitter two years ago? This is made even worse by many of these articles being reposted articles from other sources—the Jason Segel article is just a summary from a Variety article.

I know that quality journalism is expensive and click-bait articles get page-views but is The Verge becoming the sad future of journalism that we can look forward to?