Twitter broke your favourites? Get over it [rant]

I've heard a lot in the past week or two about the changes to Twitter favourites appearing in the timeline. It just seems like a lot of whiny entitled crap to me. 

You don't own Twitter. You're not even paying for Twitter. If you really don't like it, how about you stop using it or create your own service.

The most common complaint is that this is the sort of behaviour that you'd expect from Facebook. It seems that the Twitterati are firmly of the opinion that Facebook is the big corporate evil doing evil things but Twitter is nothing like that. 

Facebook and Twitter are exactly the same. For either company to make money, they need to attract more eyeballs for a longer amount of time and have those eyeballs be worth more money. Everything they do is about getting those more valuable eyeballs.

You are the product being sold to advertisers. There is no love. It's all commerce. Get over it.