Push for Pizza. Genius!

"I wish they had a button that I could push for pizza"

I missed this when the app was released a few days ago. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity: an app that lets you order pizza with only one tap (well, actually slightly more than one).

It's not like ordering takeaway food is that hard, but sometimes it's hard enough that this app will help. This removes almost all choice and just make things simple. 

They've got a great Sandwich video promoting the concept and have be written up on a lot of tech sites in the past few days.

I'm not sure it's a lasting concept but it'll be fun while it lasts and it's a better use of technology than Monkey Parking or Reservation Hop (don't be surprised if these links stop working). 

According to one article I read, this is based on ordr.in, a back-end system allowing ordering from restaurants across the United States. There's so much great technology that has been enabled by the internet but not all of it is directly visible to the end-user.