Personal Stories

The internet is full of personal stories.

Many of the people that I follow on the internet publish a mixture of their opinion and their personality into the world. That's what makes them interesting to read but it sometimes includes very personal stories.  

This week, two particularly moving stories found their way to my corner of the internet. 

Firstly, Marco Arment, wrote about his wife's miscarriage. In a way, it's such a personal story that I almost feel like I shouldn't be sharing it. The world is a better place for it being shared though and these sorts of stories need to be shared more often. The stories they tell affect many people.

The other story is from Matt Gemmell, writing a story about his name changing when he was younger. Well written and surprisingly moving. I won't tell you more as I enjoyed seeing the story unfolding before me and don't want to take that away from you.

The internet has made the world a better place by allowing these sorts of personal stories to be shared, and by giving people a place to share themselves openly. These are just two of the many stores out there. It's not all haters and trolls.