Daily Mail and George Clooney

The UK paper, the Daily Mail, and its online partner, the Mail Online have got themselves into a bit of an international spat with George Clooney. 

In the UK the Mail is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground.

The Daily Mail thinks that Britain will never be as great as it was with the demise of the Blitz spirit and Margaret Thatcher. Immigrants are ruining our great country, as is cancer. And immigrants will give you cancer, while they steal your TV and watch to BBC on it. Which will also give you cancer. There's a great song on YouTube about the paper

I used to read the Mail occasionally because it was what you might find in a cafe. Reading it would make me angry and I don't like to be angry. 

I would get angry at the Daily Mail rather than the immigrants or local councils or benefit cheats or fortnightly rubbish collection or whatever other group the DM would direct their hate speech at. And then I'd stop reading their hateful paper. 

Anyway, this week they have written about George Clooney. He is calling their article a fabrication

The Mail then apologised. Clooney rejected the apology

It's all theatre and is unlikely to change the Mail in the long run. It's good to see an apology thrown back since so often an insincere apology makes everything right and it just shouldn't.  

We go these web sites and buy these papers. We encourage this filthy trade by reading tomorrow's fish-and-chip wrapping today. 

I expect to read more fabricated show business news next week because there is insatiable demand.