#GamerGate? WTF, internet?

It has been harder and harder to ignore GamerGate as there has been more and more noise about it on Twitter. I'm not a gamer so hadn't been reading much about it until this week. It seems like the internet echo chamber has been on a bit of a rampage the past couple of weeks and not in a good way.

The brief summary of events is that an ex-partner of Zoe Quinn, a female game developer, wrote a post-break-up rant about how her sexual history. Quinn was then the subject of an online hate campaign and received death threats. None of this is acceptable.

This seems to have ignited a bit of existing controversy about the perceived impartial reviews on gaming sites.  

Also, Anita Sarkeesian created a Kickstarter campaign designed to "explore female stereotypes in video games". After asking for $6000 on Kickstarter, she received over $150,000 to make a video series. She has also received online hatred and received death threats. This is also not acceptable. 

The internet is a place where anonymous people feel free to abuse others without repercussions. Much of this abuse is aimed at women. So often dissatisfaction with others opinions on the internet becomes personal when this is unnecessary and unacceptable. 

One of the oddest links I found is to this Patreon page for a couple of gamers who are looking to fund a feature length film that "will explore how gaming and tech culture have been hijacked by Social Justice Warriors". If you can bear to look at the page, watch their video. It would be great if it was satire. Unfortunately, it's not. 

If you want to find out more then try reading this article at the Guardian, or the New Statesman. There are probably more decent articles out there but maybe the internet just needs to grow up so that there don't have to be more articles like this.

This whole sorry affair makes me think of the xkcd comic where someone is wrong on the internet

Update: it looks like I got the #GamerGate thing completely wrong. It's all about corruption in the gaming press. This may or may not be exists but if I, as a casual observer, think that it's about attacks on women, then the original point of #GamerGate has been completely lost. A good article on the other side of #GamerGate is on Medium from L. Rhodes.