#GamerGate is over. It's just #MisogynistGate now

I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks reading Twitter and internet articles about GamerGate. I decided after reading more articles in the past couple of days that it just isn't a real thing.

It never was real. 

The misogyny is real, but the other side of the argument about "fairness in gaming journalism" is just make-believe. It is just invented balance like the climate change argument (climate change is real, get over it), and like on Fox News. 

It's a waste of time for everyone and I'm going to waste no more time on it.

The argument goes that the origin of GamerGate was about trying to reduce bias in the gaming media and lessen the close relationship between gaming media and games publishers. However, of the targets in this PR battle, how many of them are actually journalists? Zoe Quinn? Not a journalist. Anita Sarkeesian? Not a journalist. Brianna Wu? Not a journalist. See a pattern here?

We're all humans and humans like to find patterns in things. The obvious pattern that all these targets are women is pretty easy to spot. 

If you're really interested in ethics in journalism, how about you boycott some of the gaming media that are allegedly so unethical? They probably won't be sad to see you go. I've seen no real evidence that this corruption actually exists. 

However, the hatred is real and the death threats are real too. Death threats have nothing to do with promoting ethics in journalism. These are not "false flag" (yuck) events as I'm pretty sure all of these women have better things to do than invent death threats.

The views about this are so entrenched on both sides that no article is going to change anyone's opinion. But if you support GamerGate, what have you done that actually helps to support ethical journalism?

#GamerGate is over. This is just #MisogynistGate. It has gone on too long now.