Encoded messages sent via Google Translate and Lorem Ipsum? Maybe not.

From the "truth is stranger than fiction file":

They noticed a bizarre pattern in Google Translate: When one typed “lorem ipsum” into Google Translate, the default results (with the system auto-detecting Latin as the language) returned a single word: “China.”

Reading through the comments, it seems there might be a simple explanation for this:

It’s not surprising at all that the lorem ipsum text would have bizarre translations. If you have an “en” site and a “de” site, but the “de” site only has placeholder text (something that happens very commonly, I bet), that would confuse the hell out of the statistical translator. And in response to confusion, it can get VERY creative.

While it seems like the Latin-to-English translation has been fixed, Google Translate will still translate "China" as "Lorem ipsum dolor". For now at least.