Chinese arrested for hacking in Kenya

This is a story from a few days ago but it seems that 77 Chinese people have been arrested in Kenya, accused of hacking. This just seems incredible to me. 

Kenyan police have arrested 77 Chinese nationals and are consulting experts to see if they used advanced communications equipment in several houses in an upscale Nairobi neighbourhood to commit espionage.

No idea if this is actually backed by the Chinese government or if it is criminal in nature. Could be either. [Update: Reading a little more, it's looking more and more like criminal rather than government activity, but we'll see] 

This could be either a big find by Kenyan law enforcement and the biggest state-backed hacking operation ever found or set-up by the Kenyans to get some foreigners out of the country.  It doesn't seem quite believable to me, but if it is, it is huge news.

I'm surprised that I haven't seem more about it in the mainstream news yet. Imagine this happening in America or Europe. If this is really a hacking operation, where else in the world is this happening too?