This is the start.

I've had a personal blog for a while where I have refrained from posting a lot of links and opinion about things that interest me because it hasn't seemed like the right place for it. 

I read a lot of technology blogs and am interested in where the world in heading in the next few years because of that technology. This is the place where I will link to interesting things that I find and my opinions on those things. 

Technology has changed a lot over my life. I remember back to having a tiny black & white TV in my room and Commodore 64 attached to it. That was about 30 years ago. Things have changed pretty quickly since then and every time it looks like slowing down, there is something new that comes along. My six year old computer is as powerful as my new iPhone 5s. Which is probably thousands of times more powerful than that out Commodore 64. 

I mostly have an interest in where Apple is going since I think that in a lot of ways they are leading the industry, but also I just personally like their products and the way they work. I even owned a Mac Powerbook in the 1990's. It was pretty awful—expensive and slow—but things have improved a lot since then. 

My background is as a programmer and I've been pretty excited by the things that Apple announced at WWDC a couple of weeks ago. It feels like the beginning of something new.

They have announced many things that have got me excited about the apps that are going to be written over the next couple of years and I'm just waiting for hardware announcements that might round out the potential of iOS and Mac OS X.

Here's hoping that I've got some exciting things to write about in the next few months as I'm expecting.